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My 2 1/2 year old has wanted to go to school since our neighbor gave him a brand new spongebob back pack. Unfortunately none of the preschools in our area take non-potty trained 2 year olds, so I looked into it a little bit, and decided to try a little improv homeschooling with some preschool curriculum I found online, and a great book that was reccommended at La Leche League. Join us on our journey!

Monday, September 21, 2009

C is for Cookie!

Each day we've been going over a letter of the alphabet & all the words that start with it. Today was C, so we decided we'd color, cut, and cook. So Moose colored in his letter c with his crayons, while we talked about [Larry the] Cucumber, cats, cookies, Cranky & Clarabel (from Thomas & friends), and the crab from Nemo.

then it was time to cut:
We are very careful to keep our other hand out of the way:

Then we decided to make Chocolate Cookies!
We didn't have chocolate chips, so we grated some semi sweet chocolate squares- Moose thought it was better to just eat the squares right out of the package. (P.S. we couldn't cook in our nice Eli Manning jersey)

Then it was time for tasting!

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